This book is a space.

A compendium of perspectives concerning environmental engagement and land use interpretation, celebrating openness and diversity of participation with the ground we think and live on. 

I asked a number of people in diverse fields of practice to recommend a book they felt added a new dimension to current environmental discourse. Passages from these books, and others, have been edited, and collaged together to form a text made of many–an open territory of colliding contexts, belief systems, and points of view.

It is a narrative topography to be explored, inhabited, left–and returned to–with a greater sensitivity to being in the world that surrounds you.


How many directions can a publication point at once?

This was an experiment in editing and distribution, with an emphasis on the accumulation of perspectives along the way. The text is made of bits and pieces of publications recommend by a series of individuals from various fields of practice, and was edited to form a single, continuous text, allowing for ideas, belief systems, and points of view to overlap and affect one another in new ways.

The book was then used as a travelling space for gatherings, readings, and conversations at sites of current environmental concern. The text became a point of departure for  localised perspectives, and linked to contingently relevant sources that people would bring to share. Conversations traveled outside the borders of the book, becoming more and more specific to the site they took place.

Now the book continues to be distributed through collaborations and interventions, while a free downloadable PDF will soon be available for for wider distribution.