Calvin Rocchio is a pile / a sedimentary rock / a daffodil / a salmon on the shore in Northern California. My practice, through what's accumulated practicing, amounts to a way of being in the world that’s pliable / wavy / soft / entangled. With optimism and enthusiasm, through garden design, graphic design, publishing, research, and community organization, spaces are cultivated for new sensitivities to the environments that inhabit us, and we in turn, live in. These spaces–often fertilized and enriched through collaboration and exchanges that ignore the specificities of discipline–celebrate the messiness and vulnerability to momentums outside of any single perspective, human or non-human. Just the way the mind casts a wide net, or how books can point in a multitude of directions at once, the effort dissipates in the experience of being itself.

I co-run PSSF and P.E. Area with Lexi Visco.